Inclusive Services

We give your initiatives a new life online.


We dress you up to achieve maximum impact. Fitera creates meaningful storylines, graphics design, and collaterals to help you shape your brand, ensuring that your placement and advertising is clear and effective.

  • Corporate Identity
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Name & Storytelling
  • Brand & Corporate Logos
  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Design

We have in-house personnel with decades of experience in world-class brand design, content writing, and marketing.


We set the ultimate digital stage for your success. Fitera creates emotional and impactful stories, tailored to your unique requirements and audience, produce and post- process with our experience and expertise, and strategically promote it to efficiently reach your target audience. We are a leader in short videos for the transport and travel industries.

  • Filmmaking
  • Documentaries
  • Infomercials
  • Corporate Video & Presentations
  • Web & Short Videos
  • Photoshoots
  • Post Production

We have in-house teams and actively collaborate, commission, and engage with local and international production houses and aggregators to ensure that our clients’ needs are well met.


We give your initiatives a new life online. Fitera provides streamlined digital media solutions for businesses by combining unique appeal and usability to increase a client’s visibility and rank. We actively manage your properties for best optimization across all major search engines and social media.

  • Social Media Management
  • Website Design and Development
  • Search Engine Management and Optimization
  • Advertising

We have in-house personnel and management with decades of experience in web design, development, and management. We collaborate and engage with world-class partners to ensure that your online properties are easily visible and relevant to your target audience.